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Rearden Atlas Helios

The Helios Atlas provides a mount interface for the CGS Helios QD. This mount is designed specifically for the Helios; it secures by a taper rather than the shoulder of the suppressor. The added 0.775″ of length allows the suppressor to be compatible with most muzzle devices without the use of an extension ring.

Weight: 1.85 oz / Ti – 1.09 oz
Length Added: 0.775″
Threads: 1.375-24 Specifically designed for the CGS Helios QD (Not compatible with any other suppressor)

  • Compatible with short Rearden devices (FHD, Mini, SPB, RPB, R2S)
  • Compatible with Q Cherry Bomb and Other Plan B Compatible Muzzle Devices
  • Secures by taper instead of shoulder of suppressor
  • Nitride Finish / DLC – Ti



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