Evolve Weapons Systems Wig Splitter Duty

The best rifle you’ve never heard of, Evolve Weapons Systems is making a name for themselves and setting the bar for what users should expect from a rifle manufacturer. EWS sets themselves apart with tighter tolerances and features you could never get by building at home.

  • Uncompromising Quality Control
    Every part, every hole, every dimension, on every rifle, is gauged and measured to be not only within TDP spec, but Evolve’s even higher standard of dimensional accuracy.


  • Hand-Fit Receiver Set
    Receivers are machined from raw forgings in-house. Uppers and lowers are married together from machining to assembly. The lugs of the upper are hand fit to the lower, and the takedown and pivot pin bores are reamed together as a unit, giving you a receiver set that may as well be one solid piece.


  • Gas Efficient Bolt Carrier
    Every bolt carrier has its 3-Bore individually tested, keeping a much tighter tolerance than other manufacturers. Bolts are then matched to carriers, ensuring a tight fit, and high gas-efficiency.


  • Tuned Gas Ports
    All gas ports are finish reamed in-house to EWS specs. EWS rifles are soft and flat shooting, and function flawlessly with or without a suppressor.


  • Tuned Extractor Springs
    Evolve is not a one-size-fits-all kind of place. Different Sprinco extractor spring and insert combinations are selected based on caliber, barrel, and gas system length.


  • Hand Finished Barrels
    Chambers are hand finished to ensure smooth extraction. Additional QC and finishing processes are applied to rifling and crowns, giving EWS a reputation for accuracy.


  • Matched Bolts
    Bolts are matched to barrels, ensuring a tight headspace.


  • Unmatched Warranty
    When you buy an Evolve rifle, you buy it for life. All issues are covered, regardless of fault. We encourage you to burn through barrels, and get round counts as high as you can afford. If you send one in broken, you’ll get a functional one back. The cost of replacement is nothing compared to the value you provide by running our gear hard. The only exception is rifles collected as evidence in uses of self-defense. Since you can’t send that in, you’ll just get a fresh one.



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